Host a Screening



How long is the film?
87 minutes.

I’m looking for a copy to keep in my k-12 school, university, or library. Am I on the right page?
No. Please visit our schools/libraries page for educational licenses.

Does the screening license include the movie, or do I have to get a copy separately?
Yes, the license includes a BluRay that you will return and permission for a public screening.

Can I charge admissions or ask for donations to my screening?
Yes! You are welcome to sell tickets and/or use the film as a fundraiser.

Can I use my screening license for more than one screening?
Licenses are for single screenings only. If you are hosting multiple screenings, please contact us at to work out a bulk discount.

Why don’t you have DVD’s available for screenings?
BluRay discs work in players worldwide. They are much higher resolution than DVD, so the film looks much better on a big screen.

Can the filmmaker come to our screening?
The filmmaker isn’t able to attend every screening; however, if you are able to cover travel costs and an honorarium, please contact us to discuss options. Alternatively, based on the filmmaker’s availability, sometimes a Q&A can be organized via Skype or Zoom if you are able to cover an honorarium.


Host a screening (physical or virtual) for your
Film Society or your Organization.

Contact Suzanne to organize. A discussion guide is available.  Your organization can schedule a Q&A or panel discussion afterwards. If you are able to cover an honorarium for her time, Suzanne may be able to participate in the Q&A or panel discussion remotely.

Worldwide Screening Licenses

Small (Up to 49 people) $150 + GST + shipping
Medium (50 to 99 people) $250 + GST + shipping
Big (100-350 people) $400 + GST + shipping


To host a screening, all you need is a BluRay player, a screen and a venue. Virtual Screening options are also available – contact Suzanne for details.
Note: Exhibition format is BluRay.

To host a public screening of All the Time in the World in your community, follow these steps:

  1. Know your screening size and date.
  2. Book your screening using the form below.
  3. Receive an invoice by email. Pay for your license and wait for your BluRay to arrive.
  4. We will send you a link for promotional material that you can use to promote your screening i.e. a poster file, stills, reviews, etc.

If the BluRay comes to you from another venue, you will be responsible for shipping the BluRay on to its next location. If the BluRay originates from us, then you will be responsible for shipping in both directions. Shipping must include a tracking number.

Have Questions?

Check the FAQ on this page. You can also email us at

Book Your Screening

If you’re all set for your screening, book your license using this form. We’ll send you an invoice:

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License Size:*
 small (less than 49) – $150 medium (50-99) – $250 big (100 or more) – $400

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